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AUTO FORCE rent-a-car. Adelianos Campos - Rethymno, Crete, Greece. E-mail:

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General requirements

  1. Driver must have a driving licence held for more than 1 year.
  2. The minimum age for renting a car is 23 years old, for renting a motorbike is 21. There is no limit for maximum age.
  3. We accept international (recommended) and national driving licences. To be valid your international driving licence must be accompanied by a driving license from your home country.

You don’t have to

  1. You don’t have to have any credit or debit card to rent a car, motorbike or a bicycle. Just in case you don’t want to pay in cash. We accept both cash and cards.
  2. No deposit is required. We don’t place your money on hold or freeze on the credit card until the vehicle is returned.
  3. You don’t pay anything extra for insurance. Full comprehensive insurance is already included in our rates.

Rental conditions

  1. The minimum rental period is 1 day.
  2. Rental period normally starts from 8-9 am and ends at 21-22 pm the last day of rent or at your request at 8-9 am next day (free of charge). There may be exceptions depending on the situation.
  3. Reservations always refer to a group of vehicles (A, B, C, etc.) Requests for certain car models will be fulfilled as far as possible. However delivery of a specific model cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Traffic fines for disregarding traffic signs, excessive speed, parking in prohibited areas etc. are to be paid by the hirer.
  5. Shipping of the rental car is not permitted due to insurance terms.
  6. Reserving a car you pay a prepayment (about 20 - 25 % of a cost). It can be required with delivery to remote hotels, airports or ports, during high season, or in some other cases.
  7. Car replacement in case of technical problems for which hirer is not responsible.

 On this web page you’ll find our rental policies. For inquiries / comments please contact us so we can assist you.



  1. Fuel is not included in rental rates.
  2. When you rent a car, the gas tank may not be full. The tank level is always to be noted in a rental agreement that it is ¼, half full, ¾, etc.
  3. You should return a car with the same amount of fuel as it was when you received it.
  4. There are no refunds for excess tank level. If the level is less, the missing fuel will be charged.
  5. On request we can deliver a car with a full tank, and you return it empty. In this case you have to pay the fuel and a service fee together with the rental rate.

Our rental rates include full comprehensive insurance :



  1. Make sure that everybody is OK and safe.
  2. Call us on one of phones in the right upper corner of the contract, call the police (100), if necessary call ambulance (166).
  3. Take notes of the cars involved.
  4. Gather information from other driver(s) and any witnesses - full names, addresses and phone numbers.
  5. If possible, take pictures and write down what happened.
  6. Remember that the car you’re driving doesn’t belong to you - provide as much documentation as you can.